Extra Smooth Bitter

Fermenting: 22/08/2004 Bottled: 30/08/2004

Coopers Bitter

This was made with a tin of Coopers Bitter, Body Brew, and some molasses. Maybe it was the molasses that ruined it, but this was not great. Overly dark and sugary, this was too rich and overpowering to be a good beer. One for the not great column.


Blackrock Export Pilsener

Fermenting: 06/08/2004 Bottled: 22/08/2004

Blackrock Export Pilsener

My first effort at cold temperature brewing. Took 2 and a 1/2 weeks, but produced an excellent beer – my best yet. The saaz hops I added gave it a brilliant floral nose, and a freshness in flavour not usually encountered amongst commercial beers.

6.2% alc/vol.


Brewiser Ginger Beer

Fermenting: 31/07/2004 Bottled: 06/08/2004

Bottle Cap

A little disappointing – but maybe standard for an alcoholic ginger beer. Light on taste, but strong on the nose (in a good way). Made for Dad, really. Improved with age.