Double Draught

Fermenting: 15/01/2005 Bottled: 22/01/2005

Another set of two cans, this time Wander Draught. It was easier to drink than the Double Bitter, but not really much of a success story. Something to drink when you don’t want to waste the good beer.


Coopers Ginger Beer

Fermenting: 16/12/2004 Bottled: 14/01/2005

This took an incredible amount of time to finish fermenting – 4 weeks across summer – and even when I bottled it it was still bubbling every 15 minutes or so. Another disappointment, although an improvement on the brewiser batch.


Beach Mission Bavarian

Fermenting: 08/12/2004 Bottled: 15/12/2004

Made this batch to celebrate New Years up at Beach Mission. Not good temps to ferment a lager at, but this turned out quite drinkable, if not the most memorable beer I’ve ever made. Did the trick for about 20 people after a hectic NYE2005.