Midweek Madness

A fair bit’s been happening so far this week. Monday night I was at Tafe, where we learnt a whole lot about html forms, and then a little bit about php programming. The only problem was, we were set two assignments that were to be completed this week – both on php. And we hadn’t learned enough to complete them in class. As a result, my answers are pretty ugly, and a bit of a hack job, but they are done.

Tuesday night I attended a “How to lead prayer at churchâ€? night. It was better than I expected, and encouraging. I spent most of the day writing music rosters for the night service. Today was a little quieter, but still full. I finished those assignments, and spent some time with my sister, Leah.

Tomorrow sounds pretty full, but hopefully manageable. My ‘Coopers Sparkling Ale’ is just about ready for bottling. ‘Til next time.

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