English Best Bitter

Fermenting: 10/06/05 Bottled: 25/06/05

TCB Wetpak

The 4th TCB Wetpak that I made – only one to go! Financed by Phone as a mid-winter warmer, it came out a rich amber colour and quite bitter to taste.

Before this I always thought I had stuffed up my two attempts to make bitter beers, but apparently that was just the style and the beers had been true to it. If I want bitter beers in future I might stick to IPA and hoppy pilsners.

On tasting, this isn’t as bad as feared. It’s a rich, flavoursome ale, but not as bitter as it’s reputation. It would be bitter compared to a mild beer, but is quite drinkable.


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  1. I had a bottle of this the other night (30/11/05), and I unless it was the “good bottle of the batch” then it has definitely improved with age. The hops seem to have matured, and there is less of the “sugary” taste that often comes with homebrew. It definitely reminded me of some of the beers I had in Liverpool, England a few years ago, particularly Greenalls Bitter. I think that like the good old stout that you made last year, this is one that could do with sitting around for a few months before opening it up.

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