Hard Lemonade

Fermenting: 23/07/2005 Bottled: 07/08/2005

Jug of Lemonade

I’ve been informed that apparently there are people in this world who do not like beer. I can understand that – everyone has different tastes and preferences. Apparently there are also people in the world who do not like alcohol in any form whatsoever. If you are one of those people, there’s probably very little I can do for you.

The non-beer loving alochol drinkers, though, I do have a couple of options. In the past I have made alcoholic cider and ginger beer, today I am making alcoholic lemonade.

It’s not too difficult, to be honest: lemons, sugar, water. Let’s see how it comes out.

Lemonade Recipe

Brewing notes: This didn’t have much activity happening during the first week. So on the 29/07/2005 I proofed another sachet of yeast, and pitched it in. This time there was CO2 bubbling out after just 15 minutes. So fermentation time is really 10 days, not 17.

Tasting notes: Well, it does taste a bit like lemons and it is alcoholic. But most people avoid it. It was once theorised that I had discovered a new form of ‘Rocket Fuel’. 3/10

Sin City

Sin City

I’ll admit it upfront: I’m a big Robert Rodriguez fan. Everything from the “El Mariachi” to “Spy Kids” via “From Dusk ’til dawn”. He brings a freshness and enthusiasm to his films, and his kids movies aren’t dumbed down like Disney movies.

Compare Rodriguez’s films with those of say, Micheal Bay or Tony Scott. Enough said. Anyway, onto the film.

This film is an adaption of the graphic novels written by Frank Miller. Continue reading “Sin City”

When Infection Attacks …

I was updating this site today, and getting some pictures to match my beer, when I came across Ian Wienands Homebrew Page.

Ian seems to have started out like me – bought a Coopers Micro-Brewery last year, and gave a few things a bit of a go. Unfortunately, something went wrong.

Infected Polar Beer

This was an attempt at a Polar Beer, like mine here: Goldrush Polar Beer

Ian thinks it got infected because he was using a shower-tap attachment to fill it. My other suggestion is that using a fish tank heater may not be the most sanitary way of keeping a brew at the right temperature.

Firefox Search Plugins

I’m reasonably impressed with msn’s web search at the moment, so I thought I’d put a a plugin for it into my firefox search window. But there wasn’t one.

There’s one on the site, but it claims to be for games. So I thought, why not contribute, and write one. So I spent a couple of hours figuring out how, and made it work, and submitted it.

They rejected it, however, claiming it was the same as the one they already had. In that case, they ought to relabel it and change it’s category, but that’s just my opinion.

Get Firefox

Xtract Pilsner

Fermenting: 26/06/05 Bottled: 17/07/05

Xtract Pilsner

The recipe for a perfect pilsner:

Take one 3kg tub of malt and fresh hops, add 20 litres of water, and sprinkle in a genuine lager yeast.

Then wait a couple of weeks for it to cold-temp ferment. Bottle and wait a month or so.

This should be an excellent malty, tasty, crisp and hoppy pilsner. Can’t wait.

Tasting notes: Not a disappointment – crisp, hoppy, satisfying.