Sin City

Sin City

I’ll admit it upfront: I’m a big Robert Rodriguez fan. Everything from the “El Mariachi” to “Spy Kids” via “From Dusk ’til dawn”. He brings a freshness and enthusiasm to his films, and his kids movies aren’t dumbed down like Disney movies.

Compare Rodriguez’s films with those of say, Micheal Bay or Tony Scott. Enough said. Anyway, onto the film.

This film is an adaption of the graphic novels written by Frank Miller.

The episodes of “Sin City” that are shown in this movie are:

  • The Customer is Always Right
  • The Hard Goodbye
  • The Big Fat Kill
  • That Yellow Bastard

It was an excellent movie, but those with squeamish stomach should give it a miss. The noir style with occasional colour (a red dress, some golden hair, the yellow fellow) gives a real atmosphere, and helps to desensitise the viewer. The performances were almost universally excellent, with only Brittany Murphy letting the team down. In particular there are excellent performances from the tough-guy anti-heroes: Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke and the always excellent Clive Owen.

Life in Basin City: The men are tough and uncompromising, the girls are gorgeous, the bad guys despisable. This is not a town with a preoccupation with morals or fidelity – as the nickname “Sin City” indicates.

All morality is not lost however – all our anti-heroes act out of righteous indignation, to protect a child from molestation, to avenge an “innocent’s” death, and to stop a murderer on a rampage. But each person lives by his own moral code.

As a movie it is excellent. See it, if not now, on video, and probably not last thing before bed.

As a life guideline it is best viewed as fiction for entertainment purposes, in the same way “Harry Potter” or the “Da Vinci Code” is only a danger if you mistake it for reality.

Four Stars

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