Coopers Lager Redux

Fermenting: 20/08/2005 Bottled: 05/09/2005

Coopers Lager

Going back to basics for a change, I’m attempting to see if I’ve learned everything over the last 14 months and 15 brews. This will be different from the first brew in that instead of using the wrong sugar (thank you Coopers) I put in a body brew — increasing the malt — and some hersbrucker hops, to increase the hop flavour and aroma accordingly.

I’m also trying a lager yeast I had lying around, with the oem ale yeast as backup if required.

As the first beer I’ve made in almost two months, I’m sure this one will come out special, and tide us over until the more boutique beers reach full maturity.

Tasting notes: Unfortunately, at the 2 week mark, the cidery taste has made an appearance. Very disappointing – the first homebrew tasting beer I’ve made since the Australian Premium Ale, or the Golden Sheaf Wheat. 5/10

ESB Cider Pack

Fermenting: 08/08/2005 Bottled: 20/08/2005

ESB Cider Pack

I bought a Cider Pack from The Country Brewer to try out.

It says it makes up 18L of scrumpy style cider. I guess this is as opposed to strongbow style cider.

I tasted this while bottling – seemed a little weak and watery. Hopefully will improve with time and fizz.

Tasting notes: Fizz? What Fizz? It seemed a bit hit and miss, but only about half the bottles seemed to be adequately carbonated. That said, it did make them true to type – an english cider. Okay flavour, not as malty as expected. 6/10

Digital TV Recording on your PC

Hands up if you’ve ever watched digital TV? Keep them up if you watch it at home. I thought so.

Well, who knows when the analog TV broadcast signal is due to be turned off? According to Digital Broadcasting Australia it is still due to be turned off in mainland Australia 31December, 2008. That’s right, a little over 3 years away.

It may not happen then, of course. Take up has been so slow that the day when half of the nations tv’s go black may be a way off yet. Think of this – yes, you only have to pay around $100 to get a SD-STB to work with your tv, and most people probably will. But what of those houses that have more than one tv? Do you really want to put a STB on that 20 year old 34cm tv? CSI in High Def Widescreen just isn’t the same if you can’t tell which voice belongs to whom.

Anyway, for a pretty small amount of money, you can build your own Digital TV recorder, using your home computer. You need a reasonably up to date PC – pentium iii or newer, and some hard drive space.

Oh, and this:
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