Coopers Lager Redux

Fermenting: 20/08/2005 Bottled: 05/09/2005

Coopers Lager

Going back to basics for a change, I’m attempting to see if I’ve learned everything over the last 14 months and 15 brews. This will be different from the first brew in that instead of using the wrong sugar (thank you Coopers) I put in a body brew — increasing the malt — and some hersbrucker hops, to increase the hop flavour and aroma accordingly.

I’m also trying a lager yeast I had lying around, with the oem ale yeast as backup if required.

As the first beer I’ve made in almost two months, I’m sure this one will come out special, and tide us over until the more boutique beers reach full maturity.

Tasting notes: Unfortunately, at the 2 week mark, the cidery taste has made an appearance. Very disappointing – the first homebrew tasting beer I’ve made since the Australian Premium Ale, or the Golden Sheaf Wheat. 5/10

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  1. I bottled it last night. It’s definately darker in colour than the european lagers I’ve been doing recently. Hops aroma was barely there, but will be much stronger after two weeks in the bottle.

    Regarding taste, the most striking thing was the lack of the cidery aftertaste that characterised the first time we had this beer.

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