ESB Bavarian Lager

Fermenting: 28/09/2005 Bottled: 08/10/2005

3kg ESB Bavarian Lager

I like Bavarian lager. It’s not quite as pure as a true pilsner, but the Germans are the ones who took it around the world, so they’ve got something going for them. Plus it’s almost October.

Anyway, a pale, malty lager bursting with hallertau hops. Perfect to fill the void left in the beer room by the ever diminishing Xtract Pilsner.

Tasting notes: I thought this was a little disappointing. I had a lowenbrau the other day, and I’m not convinced this is that close to it. Anyway, one of my more popular beers for homebrew newbies for its clean flavour and lack of offensive properties. 7/10

Bavarian Wheat

Fermenting: 19/09/2005 Bottled: 27/09/2005

ESB 3kg Bavarian Wheat

Eastern Suburbs Brewmakers are pretty serious about homebrewing. They cater for people who like to make their beer completely from scratch, well, maybe not completely. But they will supply everything required for the home brewer who wants to mash their own malt.

Wikipedia: brewing beer.

They have some excellent products for less experienced, but still enthusiastic brewers like me, too. They source fresh wort from the St. Peters Brewery, so you don’t need to get malt extract at all – you buy the real deal, then merely ferment it at home. But their beer packs take some beating.

In this case, I’ve gone with the 3kg Bavarian Wheat pack.

In the style of a German weisse – “toasty” flavour from the 100% wheat malt.ESB website

Wheat lover’s rejoice! Utilising a liquid yeast, you can produce one of the best wheat beers…ever!The Country Brewer website

We shall see. First appearances were promising — pale with a spicy aroma. Initial fermentation seems slow, but this is probably due to the lower amounts of sugar in wheat malt as opposed to barley.

Tasting notes: Best wheat beer so far. Nice and pale, but with a grainy and aromatice flavour. Easy to drink, and definately better than the Morgans one. 7/10


Fermenting: 14/09/2005 Bottled: 19/09/2005

Kilkenny Can Muntons Yorkshire Bitter pint of yorkshire bitter

“Oh my God! They killed Kenny!”

I’ve wanted to make this beer for a while, but my local homebrew store has stopped stocking imported kits, so it was hard to get hold of a can of Muntons Yorkshire Bitter.

Having achieved this, though, I set about to recreate Kilkenny.

Kilkenny is an Irish Ale, sometimes called an Irish Red Ale made by the fine folk at Guinness. Very thick and creamy, with a head that stays around for hours, and a sweet maltiness to it’s flavour.

I’m a bit sceptical I can recreate this in a homebrew, but I’m prepared to give it a go.

I added 1 kg of light malt, 500g of maltodextrin and some fuggles hops to maintain the malt/hop balance. Also I only made it up to 18L — about 75% of a normal brew volume to increase the body.

Bottling notes: Very thick and creamy – I hold great hopes for the head on this beer. Colour is good, perhaps a little more coppery than genuine kilkenny.

Tasting notes: Smooooooooooooooooooooth. 8/10

Scharers Little Brewery

Last week I had the good fortune to be able to stop off in Picton on my way down the South Coast. I had wanted to go there for a while to visit the historic George IV Inn.

King George IV logo George IV hotel

Tacked onto the back of this old (established in 1839) hotel — in what was once the stable — is Scharers Little Brewery. The hotel only has accommodations for 14 people now, but most people come for the beer. I should also mention the excellent pub grub that’s available — from traditional german sausage plates to gourmet seafood via steaks, all tastes should be satisfied.

At the brewery, they make 3 beers: Scharers Lager, Burragorang Bock, and D’Lite.

Scharers Burragorang Bock label

D’Lite is a a low alcohol beer only available on tap at the George IV. Burragorang Bock is a traditional German bock — kind of like an old or porter, but made with a lager yeast at cold temperatures. Scharers Lager is the famous one, however. Continue reading “Scharers Little Brewery”

Little Creatures

Fermenting: 06/09/2005 Bottled: 12/09/2005

TCB Wetpak

Due to the success of my previous attempt I am remaking the Little Creatures style American Pale Ale.

The most notable thing about this beer is the delicious taste and smell — unlike any other beer. It is mostly due to the liberal use of cascade hops in the bittering, and flavouring stages of the brew.

Cascade hops are grown in Washington state, in the USA. They have a distinctive flavour with floral, spicy and slightly citric overtones.

Unfortunately this beer has quite a long lead time — about 2 weeks in the fermentor and 4 weeks in the bottle before it is ready for drinking. Does anyone have anything to celebrate in late October? Other than this fine beer, of course.

Tasting notes: Best beer in the catalog. 10/10