ESB Bavarian Lager

Fermenting: 28/09/2005 Bottled: 08/10/2005

3kg ESB Bavarian Lager

I like Bavarian lager. It’s not quite as pure as a true pilsner, but the Germans are the ones who took it around the world, so they’ve got something going for them. Plus it’s almost October.

Anyway, a pale, malty lager bursting with hallertau hops. Perfect to fill the void left in the beer room by the ever diminishing Xtract Pilsner.

Tasting notes: I thought this was a little disappointing. I had a lowenbrau the other day, and I’m not convinced this is that close to it. Anyway, one of my more popular beers for homebrew newbies for its clean flavour and lack of offensive properties. 7/10

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