Little Creatures

Fermenting: 06/09/2005 Bottled: 12/09/2005

TCB Wetpak

Due to the success of my previous attempt I am remaking the Little Creatures style American Pale Ale.

The most notable thing about this beer is the delicious taste and smell — unlike any other beer. It is mostly due to the liberal use of cascade hops in the bittering, and flavouring stages of the brew.

Cascade hops are grown in Washington state, in the USA. They have a distinctive flavour with floral, spicy and slightly citric overtones.

Unfortunately this beer has quite a long lead time — about 2 weeks in the fermentor and 4 weeks in the bottle before it is ready for drinking. Does anyone have anything to celebrate in late October? Other than this fine beer, of course.

Tasting notes: Best beer in the catalog. 10/10

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  1. Close enough indeed. Bottled it this evening, so it is due 10/10/2005.

    This is a remake of the beer we first tried on the boats for your Bucks, Ben.

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