Double Stout

Fermenting: 09/10/2005 Bottled: 24/10/2005

Rapid Creek Double Stout Rapid Creek Double Stout

The guys working at The Country Brewer were encouraging me to try something a bit different, and told me about this excellent stout they had made recently.

Two cans of Rapid Creek Stout, simmered with 20g of Goldings hops. They also suggested I add another 10g of the hops later, when the vigourous first fermentation is complete, to give more aroma to the finished beer.

It will be interesting to see how this comes out. Stouts are known for their use of roasted malts and high alchohol content, so the large amount of hopping this one will go through will probably produce a more bitter stout than is usual.

Tasting notes: After a couple of months this is starting to turn into a nice stout. Not as hard to drink as you’d think, nice and roasty. 6/10

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