Suggestions please

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I have almost accumulated enough bottles to put on another batch of beer. It’s not immediately necessary, though, as I still have approximately 16 cases of beer maturing.

Anyway, I thought I’d ask if anyone had any preferences for the next brew. It will be mid December by the time it is ready, so an easy-drinking summer beer would seem appropriate.

Some ideas from breweries slightly larger than mine:

Anyway, let me know your suggestions. A pale ale or lager? Dry or spicy? Australian, European or from the Americas?

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  1. a workmate suggested trying moonshine. Watch out for the explosions though…

    What about trying some ebola cola?

    on a more serious note, how about an IPA? They are usually good for the summer months. Have you made one before?

  2. Is Ebola Cola like ‘South African Cola’ from The Ronnie Johns Show? All the flavour without that distasteful colour.

    I would have thought an IPA is a bit too bitter and high in alcohol content to be an ideal summer beer. I haven’t made one before, though, so it’s on the shortlist.

    Possibly the Coopers Brewmaster IPA if I go with that idea.

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