Coopers Pale

Fermenting: 18/12/2005 Bottled: 26/12/2005

Coopers Pale Ale

Remaking this one. Coopers describe this ‘as close as we can get to our best-selling Coopers Original Pale Ale‘.

At the very least should be a good, refreshing summer ale for when we return from Beach Mission.

Made it as per Coopers recommendation with 500g Dextrose, 250g maltodextrin and 250g light dry malt, but then added some extra goldings hops I had in the fridge to give it some more aroma, hopefully.

Tasting notes: Was okay – a reasonable homebrew, especially for people new to it, but I felt it just tasted like beer, rather than tasting like a kind of beer. Fresh and flavoursome, but not brilliant. 6/10

Coopers IPA

Fermenting: 11/12/2005 Bottled: 18/12/2005

Coopers IPA Can

By popular demand, I’ve put on an IPA. IPA stands for India Pale Ale, which is a style of beer from the 18th century.

Back then the British Empire spanned the world. Having so many colonies meant a lot of soldiers, many of whom missed their damp, cold homeland, and the beer brewed there. Regular beer couldn’t make the 6 month trip out to India and other parts without spoiling, so the beermakers of London came up with a beer that could survive the trip.

High alcohol and high hop rates made for a beer that was very potent, and less likely to be upset by the varying temperatures and conditions of the voyage from England to India, around the Cape of Good Hope and across the equator twice.

Coopers have two recipes for IPA on their site, one a mid-strength, the other a strong. No guesses which one I’ve made.

Tasting notes: A good, strong ale. Not highly aromatic, though. If anything, the high percentage of alcohol is noticable in the aroma. Quite bitter, but palatably so. A beer for beer lovers. 7/10



OpenSuse Php

A couple of months ago I changed the server this website is hosted on. It only moved about 3 feet physically, but about 6 years into the future in terms of hardware. And I changed the linux distribution that it was running on from Mandrake, to Suse. Then a couple of months later, I upgraded to OpenSuse 10.

There were no dramas with any of this. Our mail archives came across fine, this blog managed to get restarted without any dramas thanks to phpMyAdmin and response to just about any connection I’d throw at it was significantly improved.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I was setting up a new site. It was just a virtual host, so nothing really needed to change. But something did. And it broke my apache web server. In trying to fix that one thing, I broke apache in about 20 other ways. Everything stopped working. Continue reading “Mod_Rewrite”