Coopers Pale

Fermenting: 18/12/2005 Bottled: 26/12/2005

Coopers Pale Ale

Remaking this one. Coopers describe this ‘as close as we can get to our best-selling Coopers Original Pale Ale‘.

At the very least should be a good, refreshing summer ale for when we return from Beach Mission.

Made it as per Coopers recommendation with 500g Dextrose, 250g maltodextrin and 250g light dry malt, but then added some extra goldings hops I had in the fridge to give it some more aroma, hopefully.

Tasting notes: Was okay – a reasonable homebrew, especially for people new to it, but I felt it just tasted like beer, rather than tasting like a kind of beer. Fresh and flavoursome, but not brilliant. 6/10

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