Bandwidth Upgrade

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After a slight false start caused by a MTU problem, adsl2+ has come to this server.

Currently at 8000/800 kbps there’s a massive improvement over our previous adsl 1 speeds.

A 800MB file used to take 3.5 hours to download, it now takes 20 minutes. Awesome.

So sadly, farewell Netspace, but hello iiNet. Hopefully you on the outside will notice quicker access to this site, too.

Update 10/02/2005:

Our ADSL 2+ modem arrived last night, so after 4 hours of effort, we have now fully upgraded our connection. We’ve gained VOIP and wireless connectivity as well, but the firewall/NAT got a whole lot more complicated. Most things seem to be working correctly now, though. If you notice anything not working properly, please leave a comment.

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