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Fermenting: 14/01/2006 Bottled: 30/01/2006

Wal's Pilsner

No, seriously, that’s the name of the recipe. It’s the latest pilsen style beer I’ve made, following the seasonal specials at The Country Brewer.

The main ingredient is a can of Wal’s Pilsner. Described thusly:

A light crisp Australian pilsner. Supplied with lager yeast it produces a slightly dry refreshing drop. Country Brewer

Although it may struggle to get that classic dry, crisp pilsen flavour because of the summer temperatures. What it does have, though, are bucket loads of Saaz hops.

This should be another excellent beer. A summer interpretation on the best beer style in the world.

A modern pilsener has a very light, clear color from pale to golden yellow, and a distinct hop aroma and flavor. Czech pilseners tend toward a lighter flavor, while those in a German style can be more bitter or even “earthy” in flavor. Wikipedia

Fermentation Update: I can’t believe it. This beer is still fermenting after 10 days of high temperatures. My air conditioning is not that efficient – there certainly aren’t lager-like temperatures happening here. Maybe we’ll get a good pils from this slow fermentation, but I’m not too convinced of that.

Bottling notes: Probably should have added the extra hops after a few days – the saaz aroma wasn’t overly strong. Should be pretty easy to drink, and will hopefully improve with time.

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