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Fortune Cookie

The unix fortune program is really cool. On demand it reaches into it’s library of interesting quotes and regales you with it. It is named fortune after fortune cookies and their words of wisdom.

I use fortune on my linux machines, basicly just to make logging in more interesting. But yesterday I came across this article describing how to use fortune to create an email signature that changes interesting quotes every time. You too can be 1337 like the h4x0rs out there.

Don’t worry if you don’t speak l337you’re not alone.

Having roughly followed the instructions as given on the site above, I wondered if I could get something similar happening in windows. I discovered a windows port of fortune called wFortune, made by a student at UTS right here in Sydney a few years ago.

Linux instructions

  • Install # apt-get (or yum or urpmi) install fortune
  • Create a signature file $ touch ~/.signature
  • Create a cron job to change the signature file every 5 minutes # vim /etc/cron.d/fortune-sig
    0/5 * * * * dan /usr/games/fortune > /home/dan/.signature
  • Tell your mail program to use the signature file Tools --> Account Settings --> Attach this signature --> Browse --> .signature

Windows instructions

  • Download wFortune
  • Unzip and install
  • Change directory to C:\Program Files\wFortune
  • Copy wfortune.ini to email_fortune.ini
  • Edit email_fortune.ini [wFortune]
    FortuneDir=C:\Program Files\wFortune\fortunes
    SaveFortuneFile=C:\Documents and Settings\Daniel\signature.txt
  • Start wFortune control panel – create new profile
  • Enter the following details: INI file C:\Program Files\wFortune\email_fortune.ini
    Run wFortune automatically every 300 seconds
  • Tell your mail program to use the signature file
    • Thunderbird:Tools --> Account Settings --> Attach this signature --> Browse --> C:\Documents and Settings\Daniel\signature.txt
    • Outlook Express:Tools --> Options --> Signatures --> New Signature --> File --> C:\Documents and Settings\Daniel\signature.txt

And pretty soon you too can be signing off your emails with such witty quotes as: Maugham’s Thought: Only a mediocre person is always at his best.

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