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Lots of people hate the phrase Web 2.0. It implies that a completely new world wide web is being created to replace the old browsing experience, when really it is just a gradual improvement. But you can’t tell me there aren’t some excellent innovations being created, mostly due to AJAX leading to a very different way people use their computers, all based around the web browser.

Most corporations pay Microsoft a lot of money to provide them with software and support to enable their office to work. Standard office applications on a corporate desktop are Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Access.

There are non-Microsoft alternatives, but they all struggle to get onto work desktops, for a variety of reasons. Openoffice.org, for example, will do everything a normal user needs, and is free. It is certainly an improvement over Works or Office 97, if that’s what you are using at home, and can’t justify a purchase/install of Office 2003.

But why download and install 90MB of slow loading java based software when you can use the web for free, right now?

A free, web 2.0 based productivity suite could comprise:

Now I know that a lot of those programs are still in development, but that’s not such a bad thing. They are listening to users, creating programs based on peoples needs, rather than just to sell and add-on pack.

If you want to check out what web 2.0 is all about, visit koolWeb 2.0. Not only is it a cool example of AJAX in action, it links to the best web 2.0 sites/applications out there. It is a bit suss, though. Digg at number 1, and Land of PureGold at 56, despite it appearing to be plain html to me.

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