Xtract Pilsner 2006

Fermenting: 24/04/2006 Bottled: 16/05/2006

Xtract Pils Label

I have very good memories of this beer. Last year I put it on in July, in the middle of winter, which helped this lager ferment quite coldly – about as cool as you can expect a yeast to stay active. We’ve been having a bit of a cold spell this autumn, so I thought it was a good opportunity to revisit an excellent beer.

The Xtract Pils is a 3kg can of nestle malt and saaz hops, which, when fermented using the included Saflager S-23, produces an impressively clear, flavourful beer with a great hop aroma. I think the thing that suprised me most about this beer last year was the fantastic head – thick, tightly packed and foamy. Much more than you could expect from a homebrew, even one with 3kg of malt.

The Xtract series are amazingly simple to turn into beer. Pour the can into the fermenter, top up with water, sprinkle the yeast. I’ve made cordial up at mission that was more complex.

This may take up to 3 weeks to ferment (current temp 16° C and falling), and another couple of weeks after that in secondary, but we’ll have a fantastic beer at the end.

Bottling notes: A lovely straw-yellow or pale-orange colour. Tasted so good it was worth drinking flat.

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