APA Wetpak

TCB Wetpak

Fermenting: 29/05/2006 Bottled: 17/07/2006

I finally got around to putting on another batch of beer, and it is my favourite. The American Pale Ale wetpak from The Country Brewer has turned out fantastic both times I’ve made it. I finished the last bottle of this back in February, which feels like a while ago. I’ve actually had the can sitting there since early April and just struggled to find the energy and time to make it.

A wetpak is a kit of ingredients that you put together at home to create your beer. Country Brewer has just added another variety, Classic Oak Ale, so there are now 7 flavours available.

You get a 3kg can containing light malt extract and hops, 150g of crystal malt, 20g of cascade hops and 10g of Safale s-04 yeast. You then simmer it for about an hour, dilute it with water and add the yeast. This makes a beer containing very fresh ingredients with stacks of flavour, particularly the American Pale Ale.

We’ll probably be able to drink it around the fire sometime in July.

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