Business names

I set myself up as a business this week – ABN and all that. I’m hoping to get all the things I currently do to pay me via the business.

I plan to have 4 income streams:

  • Technical writing (blogs or similar) supported by advertising
  • Web design and hosting (for local businesses)
  • Linux server build and support
  • Windows desktop support

I’m currently looking for a cool business name. If you have any suggestions, look them up and post them in comments.

If all else fails I might have to go with Andrew Wooldridge’s Web 2.0 Company Name Generator.

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  1. To get it started, “Toad of Toad Hall Ministries” is available, as is “Bassline Solutions”, though people might think I’m a fishing shop if I go with that one.

  2. Apart from checking whether the business name is available, it’s obviously worth checking if a related domain name is free… both a or and a .com or .net.

    By the way, and are available, so is

    What about Beerlicious? (not particularly IT related)

  3. Hey Dave, Fragar Technologies is actually a business name already, up in QLD, but no longer active – maybe they incorporated or P/L or something under a different name. Also it would make it a bit harder to sell the business if it has my name on it, should things take off. In the interim, I can just trade under my own name until something strikes me.

    Simon, were you thinking as a website?

  4. Are you really thinking about saleability if you but “beer” in the title of a software development outfit?

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