Back at Work

Dilbert peeks I started a new job today. I’m now a network support engineer at a pretty big Australian voice and data company. There’s a bit of pressure to get my act together quickly, as my 3rd day will be flying pretty much solo, but the other staff are being very helpful.

The job has a fair few processes and procedures that need to be down very smoothly so the customers feel they are being serviced fully. It might take a while to get my routine down properly, but once I’m there the job should be pretty managable.

I also had to experience my first time driving during peak hour in the slow direction. I could leave that, but it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. I hope I get the hang of it soon, or get a smaller, more powerful car. Hmmm, like this, or maybe this.

Looking forwards to State of Origin II.

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  1. With fuel prices going the way they’re going, I’d be looking at a Golf, too.

    Though my job is a fair bit different to yours, the worst part has been, for me, learning all the new procedures and policies, rather than actually doing what I was hired to do.

  2. Thankfully you started work on a 4-day week – a nice way to settle into a new job. Hope you’re not too tired from getting up so early to beat the peak-hour traffic. Have you compared the time and cost of public transport to driving yet?

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