Click review

Christopher Walken shows Adam Sandler the remote

Click is another Adam Sandler movie, only a little more moralistic than most of them, and unfortunately, just as sublte.

Stories about a busy architects with a wacky secretaries were pretty much done with Hey Dad, as far as I’m concerned. This movie is all about negotiating a balance between work and home, business and personal, and the consequences of getting it wrong.

The supporting cast is excellent – Christopher Walken, with the fluffiest hair since Joel got shaved, the Fonz (Henry Winkler), Marge Simpson (Julie Kavner), Kate Beckinsale (not in leather or vinyl for a change) and the Hoff. Oh, and momentarily, Sophie Monk. The story is really about Sandler’s character, however, so he is in every scene.

I went to see it as a fundraiser for International Teams, so I guess that justifies it. But feel welcome to give it a miss, or at least wait until video, unless you’re a big Sandler fan.

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