Reboot or Reset

One of the most common problems I’ve faced at work this week was people getting enthusiastic and impatient when trying to resolve their network issues. Understandable, sure, but often more damage is caused than necessary. We might have caused a 2 hour downtime by upstream hardware failure, but people who’ve reset their modem to default settings have lost connection for over 3 days as they’ve waited to report it, then waited as we work our way down the list of problems.

A firmware based appliance like an ADSL modem is quite happy to be rebooted by pulling out the power connection, or turning it off at the wall socket. About the only time that might be a bad idea is if you are trying to save your changed settings at the time, but honestly, you’d be self-aware enough to realise that, right?

I think the only time you need to reset an ADSL modem is if you’ve forgotten your admin password, and need to gain access. So please, start troubleshooting your internet problems by simplifying your network, and being patient. Don’t just start pushing buttons in hope. Don't push the button!

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  1. I tried pushing the button but nothing happens.

    I think its busted.

    We need another ‘do not push’ button. Can you get onto that, Dan? My button-pushing tasks are piling up.

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