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Guinness Draught Bottle

Yesterday, I bought some Guinness. Until recently the only Guinness you could buy here in Australia was brewed locally by Lion Nathan.

But I bought some of that Guinness Draught in a bottle that they had those fancy ads for. It has a “rocket” widget inside it to replicate what you drink in a pub in Ireland, and which may be some trouble to get out.

The great news is that this stout is actually made in the Guinness brewery at St. James Gate in Dublin, then shipped around the world to us. I personally haven’t done a back to back test, but I am assured by others that the local concoction is a shadow of the true Irish stout.

Rather surprisingly, this bottle had the nutritional information on the side. In order to make this post educational, I will reproduce it here.

Servings per package: 1 Serving size: 330mL

Average QuantityPer ServingPer 100mL
Energy122.1 Cal
511.5 kJ
37 Cal
155 kJ
Protein0.99 g0.3 g
Fat0 g0 g
Carbohydrate9.9 g3.0g
— sugars0.33 g0.1g
Sodium6.6 mg2 mg

To give some perspective, here is the info from the apple, grapefruit & guava juice I had in the fridge, normalized to 330mL.

Normal Serving size: 200mL

Average QuantityPer 330mL ServingPer 100mL
Energy132.5 Cal
610.5 kJ
44.2 Cal
185 kJ
Proteinless than 1gless than 1g
Fatless than 1gless than 1g
Carbohydrate34.3 g10.4 g
— sugars33.7 g10.2g
Sodium13.2 mg4 mg

I hope you are all now suitably educated on the benefits of beer. I also bought some Little Creatures Pale Ale yesterday, but I don’t have as good a story about that.

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  1. Did you ever hear that ~20 pints of guinness per day has enough nutritional value to sustain a man? I heard it along with the story that Guinness ran a competition (supplying the beer) to see if it was true. Apparently there were quite a few applicants…

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