Mediterranean Kitchen

Lamb Kafta

Got invited out for dinner on Saturday. The venue was The Mediterranean Kitchen on Church St, Parramatta. The food was okay tasting, when it eventually arrived.

It is hard to enjoy your meal when it does not arrive until 9:30pm, when you were seated at 6:30 and had ordered by 7pm. Having a look at the reviews on Eatability, most people have had similar experiences – the food was nice, but whether they enjoyed their evening was dependent on whether they got good service.

I don’t want to be too negative, but my guests would get upset with me if I did similar at my own house, and I wouldn’t then be expecting them to pay for the privilege. No $6 beers at Dan’s house, that’s for sure.

Also I think Amy struggled to enjoy her kafta – lebanese rissoles, kind of. Once you got past the appearance it was okay, I believe.

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  1. I concur with your sentiments. It’s a reason why I like that we’re not in a tipping culture like America. I will gladly tip for service that deserves it, and Mr “Camp” didn’t live up to it.

  2. I forgot to mention how we were the first one’s to enter and the last one’s to leave. The highlight of the evening was being able to watch the end of the Rugby Test, and we lost that.

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