Movie review – Pirates 2

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 poster

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 starts off slowly, but soon warms up into a fun romp with pirates, parrots and the undead.

It is a bigger and better movie than the original in every aspect bar one: originality, but why change a good thing when you are on to it?

It is a little bit like the Star Wars movies in that there is only one female character of any note, the main plotline being around two mismatched buddies fighting the evil empire.

To find out what it’s about, visit the official site or one of the many reviews available on Google.

The brief version has our rag-tag collection of anti-heroes looking for a supernatural treasure to escape a fate worse than death, mixed up with cannibals, mermen and the East India Trading Company. Similarly to the first movie, corporations are more evil than thieves, indicating that it is not your action that is wrong, merely the scale of it.

Suffice it to say seing this movie is a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon near your loved ones but not talking to them.

2.5 stars

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