Movie Review – Superman Returns

Superman being shot at

If you are looking for a big budget movie that doesn’t disappoint, look no further. Superman Returns is a powerful, emotional, subtly funny movie that reminds you why going to the movies is still worth paying for.

Newcomer Brandon Routh gives a great performance as Superman/Clark Kent. He is strong, but has feelings, and can see that the world isn’t always black and white. Veteran character actor Kevin Spacey puts in a credible performance as Lex Luthor – not as over the top as some comic villains, clearly tortured by his past encountours with the “man of steel.”

The rest of the cast does a good job, but really are a backdrop to the Superman-Luthor struggle, a human context for the supernatural events unfolding.

Anyway, I don’t want to analyse the movie too much. It was really enjoyable. The special effects were tops, the soundtrack wasn’t overdone, the direction seemed spot on. Also, there is enough of a flashback to explain what’s going on to those of us who haven’t seen Superman I & II in 20 years.

Highly recommended.

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