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I’m inspired to post this link after following links from Neil & Petes’ blogs over the last few days to places like Undo Jesus. Reading the stuff on that site and others linked to it, like the Who was Jesus article has got me a bit down.

I’m not being challenged to the core about my beliefs, as some of the christians Joel encountered on his tropical holiday were, more filled with sadness for the lost. The way God has chosen to reveal Himself in this world and His grace in letting life continue despite our sinfulness, is being despised and ridiculed by His creation. The church has not always been perfect, nor will it be, for it is also filled with sinful men and women. At least those sinful creations acknowledge God, and seek to bring glory to Him as is right.

I hope and pray that we can all be more effective in showing love in this world, rather than causing more division, and that one day the church will again be seen as bringing enlightenment to the rest of the world, rather than accused of attempting to breed ignorance and slavish devotion by the Intelligentsia.

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