Aerobie Aeropress in Action

The Aeropress is a coffee machine a bit similar to a french press or coffee plunger. It makes excellent quality coffee in less than a minute.

You might remember Aerobie as the company which made those ring frisbees back in the eighties. To update you a little, an Aerobie still holds the Guinness world record for “longest throw of an object without any velocity-aiding feature” – over 406 metres with 30 seconds airtime.

I bought an Aeropress for my Dad for his birthday back in May. We’ve now been using it for about 3 months as our main coffee making paraphernalia. It produces noticably better coffee than our previous machine – a $20 drip brew coffee maker.

I won’t review it too much, there are multiple in depth reports out there on the internet already.

For $54 delivered (in Australia) from Coffeepress it’s an inexpensive way to enjoy your coffee, or to have as a backup when your superduper machine goes off for repairs/upgrades.

I’d describe the taste as very smooth – not bitter like some coffee can be – and the best feature is how quick and easy it is to use and clean.

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