Boutique breweries in the news

Beer Tuesdays’ SMH had an article in it’s Good Living section titled It’s no small beer.

The article tells of the many seachangers setting up their own breweries. For people who are only accustomed to beer that needs a marketing department there is some excellent info about lesser known ales and lagers to try. Mostly it talks about the companies making the beverages, rather than the beers themselves, though.

At the end of the story there is a list of some of the different craft/boutique/micro breweries and their products. See how many you have tried.

I’ve previously had:

Let me know which you’ve tried. If you haven’t tried many, or are keen to, a lot of them are available at your local Dan Murphy’s or similar.

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  1. When I was in perth recently I visited a few boutique breweries, including Little Creatures. Having grown up in Sydney where most pubs just pull tooheys or VB, it was a bit of an eye opener as to how popular real beer is in other states. And how much better the beer is too (although one of the places I visited had a very disappointing and very watery dark lager).

    I also visited Greene King when I was in England. Whilst this is bigger than a boutique, it was tiny compared to pretty much any other English brewer. It brewed its beer in a 3 story ‘shed’. But the really interesting thing was the emphasis they place on using the water they pumped out of the ground directly below the brewery. Nice beer too – they had a very much appreciated stop at the brewery Tap after the tour with as much as you could drink for an hour or so. You can get Old Speckled Hen and Ruddles County from Dan Murphys in Wenty (although I think only Colin and I buy it)

  2. For some great craft beer in the city head out to RedOak on Clarence street. Great range of Craft beers, and speacial brews every month.

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