Training Day

Shoes and Tie

I just got back from two days of induction and training for my not-so-new job. Having been at the company for over 8 weeks certainly gave me a headstart on most of the other people who were in the course.

It was a draining couple of days. The extra travelling time, the different work environment, the stricter dress code – all combined to make the experience less than idyllic.

The frustrating thing is the induction was a bit of a trial run for when my office moves from the suburbs to the city in a couple of months. Any tips to promote long term happiness when working in the city?

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  1. Well, I worked in the city for a number of years, can’t say I have any great wisdom to share.

    Probably one thing to consider, is what will you do on the train trip? I tried working, reading, planning – in the end I went with sleeping.

  2. I always thought that if I were to work in the city that I would do alot more reading than I regularly do. Or listen to sermons on the iPod. Althought after reading Simon’s train trip activities I’m not too sure. Good thing that I’ll most probably never work in the city.

  3. since i stopped working in the city, I found I actually missed the train trip – I used to have plenty of time for bible reading and prayer on the train which I now have to get up 45 mins earlier for just to get have the time I used to. Perhaps you can look on the travel as a blessing from God?

  4. The best advice I can give… learn to enjoy the train trip, and not think about it as a chore! It is a great time to catch up on reading, thinking and chilling out. It takes too much effort to have a negative attitude about transporting to/from work. It is part of the life style that living in Western Sydney brings with working in the city.

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