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Popped into everyones’ least favourite Christian bookstore yesterday during my lunch hour. I bought some CDs for some new music. I know a lot of these songs will have music in my Soul Survivor Songbook 3 so it shouldn’t be a big deal to get them ready to play at church. Details below:

Survivor Songs: This Side of Heaven Survivor Songs CD

  1. Glory: Johnny Parks
  2. All over the World: Matt Redman
  3. He Is Good: onehundredhours
  4. Praise You: Martyn Layzell
  5. To love the Lost: Rex Allchurch
  6. A love to amazing: Paul Oakley
  7. Sweeter Name: Tim Hughes
  8. You give hope: Simon Parkin & Band
  9. Everlasting God: Brenton Brown
  10. How great is our God: Matt Redman
  11. Extravagent Worship: Vicky Beeching
  12. Arise: Johnny Parks
  13. This side of heaven: Nick Herbert
  14. Shepherd of my thankful heart
  15. Hands on the cross: David Gate
  16. Blameless: Nick Herbert
  17. Anthem of the Free
  18. All of me: onehundredhours
  19. Led to the Lost: David Gate
  20. Spirit of the Living God

Passion ’06: Everything Glorious Passion 06 CD

  1. Awesome Is The Lord Most High – (Chris Tomlin)
  2. Glorious – (Chris Tomlin & Christy Nockles)
  3. Party – (Chris Tomlin)
  4. Jesus Paid It All – (Kristian Stanfill)
  5. All We Need – (Charlie Hall)
  6. Center – (Charlie Hall)
  7. We Are Yours – (Charlie Hall)
  8. You Never Let Go – (Matt Redman)
  9. I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) – (Chris Tomlin)
  10. Everything Glorious – (David Crowder Band)
  11. You Are My Joy – (David Crowder Band)
  12. We Win – (David Crowder Band)
  13. Our God Reigns – (Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman)

Chris Tomlin: Live from Austin Music Hall Tomlin Live CD

  1. Indescribable
  2. Forever
  3. Kindness
  4. Unchanging (Raise Up Holy Hands)
  5. On Our Side
  6. This Is Our God featuring David Crowder
  7. How Great Is Our God
  8. Famous One

Apparently there’s a new songbook out last month – Soul Survivor Songbook 4 – which will be another purchase sometime in the future, I guess. Looks like they’ve finally jazzed up their cover art, too.

Songbook 4

I bought the “Survivor Songs” album as I already have the sheet music for the songs and I’m keen to get some more contemporary praise music from a source which has served us well so far. This particular album has a fair bit of ’emerging’ songwriters on it, too, which could be good.

The Passion ’06 CD was purchased to provide some more alternatives to our current sources. I already own the Passion ’05 album, which is good, but other than some of the Chris Tomlin songs they were a bit unknown and unapproachable. Hopefully this album will continue my education into American praise music that isn’t too over the top.

The Chris Tomlin live album I bought because it was a bargain. Really a long EP rather than a full CD, it was priced accordingly. I’d heard a lot of the songs already on the radio. It is an encouragement to hear so many people singing together worshipping our Lord. Only a month until Chris’ much anticipated new album, “See the Morning,” comes out.

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