On standby, on call

Hard Working Man

Last week I completed my 3 months probation at my new job and got presented with a ‘welcome to the team’ letter announcing my new permanent employee status. As a result my roster has changed I’m now able to do after-hours support.

This meant that this week I started work at 8am and went through to 4:30pm, my regular length workday, then battled traffic home and logged in via VPN to my work desktop via RDP and monitored the fault queue from 6pm until 8.

12 hours from start to finish (plus commuting) makes for a pretty long work day, which is why I’m glad it should be only 1 week in 3. The others will be just the regular 8.5 hour work day.

Standy time for my job gets paid very poorly, but when we take or make a call we get paid overtime, which is good, so I’m told. I hope it makes up for the lack of energy I feel after such a long week, at least.

In unrelated news, there are even more pictures of molly on the gallery, and trivia success = IMAX tickets at the Sanctuary Christian Church annual trivia quiz.

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