The return of the Zyxel


Our ZyXEL P-2602HWL got declared faulty, replaced and reinstalled on the weekend. VOIP is restored, wireless is now secured and we are back with ADSL2+.

Our iiNet plan allows for 24Mbps downloads and 1Mbps uploads, but running an ADSL 1 only spec modem limited us to 8Mbps down/768 kbps up. This is still excellent speeds when you are used to 512/128k or heaven forbid, dialup, but less than we were paying for and capable of. iiNet has a “Speed Connection Manager” that allows you to chose your DSL profile – Safe (ADSL 1) or Controlled, Standard or Thrillseeker (all ADSL 2+).

The 3 ADSL2/2+ plans differ in their stability vs connection speed. With our new modem connected at the ‘Controlled’ setting we were at 11.5 Mbps/980 kbps. Our old (faulty) modem kept dropping off 5 or so times a day no matter how ‘safe’ we made the connection. When the new modem was changed to ‘Standard’ we reconnected at 15 Mbps/1023kbps – roughly double our previous ADSL max speed.

There’s been some more photos added to the Molly collection, too.

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