Wentworth Falls

Prism Effect

Priscilla and I made it up to Wentworth Falls last weekend. I hadn’t been up there, or at least stopped there, for quite a few years (possibly in the early 90’s sometime). A nice warm spring day with not too much pollen in the air, you could see for miles towards Lake Burragorang, the eucalyptus haze blurring things off in the distance.

We had a brief walk down and up some of the tracks in the Blue Mountains National Park. The falls themselves are but a shadow of themselves right now, as seen in the photo above and a few others over here.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology – which doesn’t talk about meteors as much as you’d imagine they would – September 2006 was the 8th wettest on record with about 3 times as much rain as September normally gets. Unfortunately it was also the hottest September ever recorded and the drought is much of NSW is ongoing.

Perhaps the population here has forgotten, but Sydney is still under level 3 water restrictions, according to Sydney Water. This means you can only use a hose to water your garden on Wednesdays and Sundays in the early morning or evening.

Maybe one day I’ll reach Victoria Falls just like Dr. Livingstone. Until then I hope that one day we will again suffer under heavy falls of rain, filling the dams and replenishing our waterways and groundwater. The falls up in the upper Blue Mountains should be a torrent, not a trickle.

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