Brewhouse Lalor Park

I went out to a pub last night with some friends. Nothing special, it wasn’t an Irish pub, or a German one, really just a local tavern. But it had some redeeming features.

Hunter Lager and steak

Firstly, for Tim, it had bargain steaks. $7 for a cook-your-own 300g porterhouse with a big pile of salad was pretty good. The marinate was nice, though perhaps we were a bit enthusiastic looking at the mess we left on the BBQ.

Secondly, for Priscilla, it was local. Not too far out of the way and a courtesy bus if you are so inclined.

Thirdly, for Graham, it had free lemon squash. Part of a ‘responsible service of alcohol’ program, they supply water and soft drink for free.

But most importantly for me, they brew their own beer.

The Brewhouse Lalor Park is part of a new chain of pubs in Sydney operated by the Premier Venues Group. They also have pubs in St Marys, Doonside and Belmore.

An important part of the group seems to be the Hunter Beer Company. This is the “in house” boutique brewery that provides the rather delicious beer available at the Brewhouse.

Regular Australian commercial beers are available bottled and on tap at the pub as well, but why have hamburger when you can have steak? On their website they detail four beers they make:

  • Hunter Kolsch
  • Hunter Lager
  • Hunter Ginger
  • Hunter Bock

All of these are European style lagers with alcohol percentage by volume of 4.5-5.5%. At Lalor Park they had the Lager and Bock, but the extra two beers were “Hunter Blonde” and “Hunter Oktoberfest Lager”.

Hunter Blonde was a very pale beer that was fresh and easy drinking but compared to the others a little on the bland side.

Hunter Oktoberfest Lager was the best beer available, in my opinion. It was a little darker that the regular Lager and had a much stronger hop flavour. It wasn’t really bitter, but quite fruity actually. Easy to drink and I was relishing every mouthful.

The great thing about these beers was that although you could describe them as a craft beer or even boutique, they were priced the same as any of the better known Aussie beers available at the bar. The Oktoberfest seemed to be the most pricey but even it was only $3.40 a schooner.

If you live near one of them and enjoy a tasty beer, I recommend visiting your local Brewhouse.

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