Double-edge Safety Razor

Double-edge safety razor

Taking on the Movember challenge has meant taking a renewed interest in shaving. I pretty much find shaving a chore, always irritating my skin and taking up valuable sleep time – not shaving means you can sleep in a few minutes more!

I’ve tried an electric razor, but that was even worse. I tried an old Remington corded jobby back in the mid nineties and around the turn on the century I splurged some money getting a proper cordless super-duper Braun unit, but used the money back guarantee as 4 weeks of red raw neck was enough for me.

Since then I’ve used various incarnations of Gillette or Schick products whenever work or life has demanded it, but been generally happy to allow my facial hair to grow. Part of that may be as much attributed to my weak chin as to razor bumps however.

Reading How to get that perfect shave on the US Today show website has made me think a bit more about it. To hear them tell of it, shaving ought to be a manly pleasure and doing it right separates the real men from the wanna-bes.

So I went out and started looking for a Double-edge safety razor. And kept looking. Although I could find them on the Internet at places like Classic Shaving I couldn’t find an Australian distributor for the highly regarded Merkur razors. It was difficult to find any kind of DE razor at all – I’d never even seen one before.

In the end I purchased a “Gunmetal Safety Razor Set” from The Shaver Shop. The kit comes with 5 razor blades which should be enough to last for 4-6 shaves each, apparently. Additional blades are $9/5 pack from the Shaver Shop, but are cheaper at your local supermarket and cheaper than branded cartridges that I used previously.

Shaver Shop Safety Razor Set

Using it for the first time was a little intimidating, but soon I was enjoying the sharpness of the blade and control over what you are doing. After a couple of uses my neck is still covered in bumps, so my technique is obviously not perfect yet.

The next step on improving my shaving experience will be getting a “badger hair shaving brush”. Apparently this is the best thing you can do to improve the quality of your shave and how well your skin copes with it.

I heartily recommend trying a DE safety razor to anyone who finds shaving a bit of a chore. You will enjoy shaving for a change, your skin will thank you and your partner will appreciate it too.

More info: Wikipedia: Shaving Cool Tools: Merkur classic review DE Razor History

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2 Replies to “Double-edge Safety Razor”

  1. I’ve got to go into bat for Braun. I got one for my birthday, everyone got together and got me a decent one because my face get very coarse after a couple of days. It seems to be going very well at the moment and much less hassle than with a razor.

    I definately agree with you about finding shaving a chore. Just to think, when I was “becoming” a man I was so excited to be shaving. Just before peope make jokes about when this happened, I’ve been shaving since about 16years of age.

    Good on you with the Movember promotion. I’ll definately check it out.

  2. I also loathe shaving, but usually manage it about once a week. I have used a double edged safety razor for probably 15 years or so now and have never looked back. I also own a panasonic wet’n’dry type electric which is in my opinion the only electric worth owning, and I use it mostly for tidying up and travelling. I used to own a top’o’the line philishave but it got clogged quickly and was nowhere near as nice as the panasonic, wet shavers clean instantly and dont burn my face. – back to the double edger, I have now used my last remaining gillette blade and am very sad that they are no longer made. I used to buy the gillette blue double edge blades in the cardboard box coz they were cheap and just as good as the ones in the plastic at twice the price, but alas I havent seen them for years. The only blades that seem to be locally available now are made by wilkinson sword, and the last time I tried their blades I had a great many cuts on my face to show for it, they just arent as good. Anyone know of anything better and where I might find them?

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