Laptop Bag

STM Evolution Medium

More mundane stuff to blog about. Due to some recent personnel changes in my department at work, I now have a laptop & iburst card to use working remotely. The computer, a HP nx6120, is a 15″ model that rather conveniently can also use the power supply of the Compaq I bought 7 months ago. But I wasn’t provided with a means to transport it from work to home.

The guys at work advised me to get a backpack style bag as it means you only need to carry one bag for your PC, lunch, jumper etc. instead of the laptop satchel and a second backpack. So I went on a search. My workmate has a Targus Rakgear Slam which he recommends.

But I discovered a company called STM who seem to have a good philosophy and reputation and are based here in Sydney. They have a new model out this week called the Evolution which appealed to me and so after a bit of a search is now travelling with me to work everyday.

It has lots of cool features, is made of good materials and is probably the best piece of luggage I have ever bought. When people are talking about cars they speak of a “surprise and delight” factor as you discover cool new features that weren’t in the brochure but make life easier. I think this bag will be providing me with such a feeling for some time.

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