Coopers Pale Ale 2007

Fermenting: 19/01/2007 Bottled: 04/08/2007

Coopers Pale Ale can

Thanks to a kind donation from Danny Haynes of the Haynes family for the ingredients of this brew.

A can of Coopers Pale Ale, 1 kg of Brew Enhancer 1, which is 600g dextrose and 400g Maltodextrin boiled in a pot with some water. Added some tettnanger hops for flavour and aroma just as I took it off the stove top.

The previous night I had made up a yeast starter for this beer. I added a tablespoon of brewing sugar to a cup of water. I also added a small plug of honey I had in the cupboard, a couple of teaspoons worth, maybe. I mixed this together until it was dissolved. I then got the yeast out of the bottom of a couple of long necks of Coopers Pale Ale and added it to this water/sugar mixture. Once the wort was in the fermenter I added the yeast, a little worried it may or may not be active and a good idea.

But it was bubbling 24 hours later so I guess it worked fine. The terribly high temperatures in Sydney at the moment aren’t going to be the best for the beer, but I guess we will find that out in a months time.

Also, apologies to all those who got excited by the title of my previous post. I didn’t think about all the different ways that ‘a reason for celebration’ could be misconstrued.

Bottling notes: Finally got some energy and bottled this beer – seven and a half months in the fermenter. It seemed a little bland when I did a taste test – not sure if all the hop flavour escaped during the long ferment or if that’s how this Coopers can comes out.

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