Holy Folks

Holy Folks plush dolls

Before Christmas I was dodging my way past the toy section at Kmart Merrylands when out of the corner of my eye I spotted some strange looking dolls. $30 Australian will buy you one of these – Noah, Moses, Mary or Jesus.

The main feature of the doll are it’s magnetic hands and the accessory you get with each one:

  • Noah has two small elephants
  • Moses has some stone tablets
  • Mary has a baby Jesus
  • Jesus has a staff

The tag line is Pray and Play, hence the magnetic hands.

Say, “Hello!” to Holy Folks™, the high-quality, loveable, plush characters, inspired by your favorite stories and scriptures. These huggable, familiar friends are the smiling examples of faith, patience, courage and love. Comforting and heartwarming, Holy Folks™ will never leave your side. Play and pray with your new best friends. They’re always faithful, always smiling!

You can see better pictures of the dolls on their website if you are interested. I don’t want to bag them out, but I worry sometimes about the image we Christians put out to the world. All I can comprehensively say is that the dolls look a lot happier in the official photo shoot than they do wedged a couple of rows down between the Bratz dolls and the Robosapiens. Perhaps the expression on their faces is patient endurance and grim determination.

Holy Folks plush dolls

Any suggestions we can send these folks? How about – a Paul doll that comes with your choice of iron chains, attacking snake or eye scales? Or maybe an Eve doll with an apple in one hand and a fig leaf in the other.

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