Sydney Ports

Pacific Princess steaming out of Sydney Harbour

Out of the window at my new workplace I have a clear, presently unobstructed view across Wharf 8, the top of Darling Harbour across to Star City Casino, then across to White Bay.

Today the Pacific Princess came in for a stopover on her way to Port Vila in Vanuatu.

On other days we see giant vehicle carriers like the MV Falstaff.

MV Falstaff

I like to keep track of upcoming ship movements via the Sydney Ports website. The movements page lets you know who’s coming in and going out.

One of the highlights of our day is when tugboats haul a giant ship out of White Bay and turn it around in front of us. The ship then steams off under the Harbour Bridge and out of Sydney harbour, bound for various exotic destinations.

Another boat that just went past was the Duyfken. It is a replica of a 17th century Dutch “jacht” that was built in Fremantle, WA to help tell the story of the Dutch contact with Western Australia 170 years before Cook ‘discovered’ the east coast. The current journey celebrates 400 years since the first documented European contact with Australia in 1606. The Duyfken is moored at Cockle Bay until the end of January.


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