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Lots of church music kind of stuff going on at the moment. We had our New Music Day at church yesterday at which we learned 4 new songs and everybody got a bit of a run through how our PA system works.

The 4 new songs we did were:

  • Awesome God – EMU
  • Before the throne of God – Traditional
  • Take my life – Garage Hymnal
  • The voice of the Lord – EMU

Thanks to God’s providence I’ve also come into possession of the latest “Soul Survivor Songbook” this one is number 4. I look forwards to going through that over the next couple of months.

This week on Sydney Anglicans there is a fair bit of discussion and articles on music in church and musicians and congregations attitudes towards church music.

Music sounds mission alarm Why church musos are brassed off

A different but insightful article about how we might refocus and make our services more relevant: Do you love your church?

I hope everyone is having a good week.

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  1. Thanks for the NMD, Dan – it was really helpful to walk through the PA system and get a bit more understanding into that side of things. The new songs were good, too – I think ‘The Voice of the Lord’ and ‘Before the Throne’ have a lot of potential (I really liked ‘Take my Life’, though it seems quite mellow and Missy Higgins-ish).

    Those links were pretty thought-stirring, too.

  2. Hey

    Great links there Dan reaading why church musos are brassed off was a really in depth and thought provoking blog. I totally agree with Ben that all those posts were really appropriate for what we are facing at toony presently. Sorry i missed the new music day.

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