Molly D photo op

Work is running a competition by which I can win a trip to Melbourne for the FINA world swimming championships or maybe a 26″ Sony Bravia LCD TV.

We have to create a piece of art that represents our cultural drivers. You can use most any format you like, but it needs to be original and created by me personally.

I’m not the most creative guy in the world (what do you expect from telco/isp staff anyway?) but I wanted to be in it to have a shot at that TV and be a good sport.

Anyway, I decided to make up a collage of photos of my niece Molly showing different aspects of being customer-centric. As a backup in case life doesn’t let me make the collage, below is my backup entry.

Molly at whiteboard

Molly and her 3 point plan – listen to the customer, empathise with their needs and take action to help.

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