Footy tipping

Tipping Comps

Just wanted to say I managed to tip the round last weekend in the NRL. Managed to do it by myself in both my workplace and family competitions.

I was having an ordinary season prior to that point so I’m happy to claim it as a fluke.

That said my performance was helped by the great form of the Panthers, coming from way behind to beat the Broncos in extra time. And how good was the Canberra team actually showing up and providing some unpredictability to the season.

I imagine my performance will return to the regular 3-5 out of 8 games this weekend. But it was nice to be on top while it lasted.

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  1. I’m sure the whole thing is rigged – how can the finalist of one year come last the next and be so up and own. I reckon someone somewhere is making a lot of money on it.

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