Headphones: Alessandro MS-1

Alessandro MS-1

Just arrived off the boat from the USA, a new pair of headphones. I got the tip to purchase these particular ones from a website recommended by a workmate – Headphones.com.au. They are based in Perth and have some great info and guidance about different brands and types of personal audio gear.

I didn’t buy from them, however, as the current strong Australian dollar made a very strong argument for buying directly from the manufacturer, Alessandro High-End Products. And so, a week later, here they are.

Various online reviewers and audiophiles say that these are great headphones, especially for the money. They are basically a Grado Labs SR-80 or SR-125 with different internals, drivers, cables, as specified by Alessandro.

I’ve never had a really good pair of headphones before but I am so impressed by these cans. Great sound reproduction, good volume, comfortable. Remembering that these headphones are open (you can hear what’s going on around you and people nearby can hear what you are listening to, if they try) and reasonably unsubtle to wear, they are great for listening at home, or on a walk, but you might get strange looks from people on the train.

Does anyone else have a great set of headphones? I was previously looking for some Sennheiser HD555 headphones and I know other people like Beyerdynamic and the like, so tell me, what are your favourite headphones? Brand, style, sound, please share.

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  1. I’m a fan of Sennheisers by default… the two pairs of headphones I’ve owned, and the pair of my fathers that I used to use were all Sennheisers.

    My current pair, HD320, are many years old. But they still sound great.

    As to what sound I prefer, not sure… clear and true I would say.

  2. yeah! great headphones!

    just bought one pair for me too! 🙂

    I also have PX100 for all the other stuff rather than good music (pc games, pc media, you know the stuff…)



  3. As the purchase price was less than $250 there is no import duty to be paid. GST, possibly.

    Quoting Photo Review:

    GST: Only companies with an Australian ABN can charge GST, so this becomes a real grey area. Legally you should be paying GST, and Customs can charge you the equivalent import duty if your shipment is checked, plus an extra fee for the clearance documentation. The online price from overseas will not include GST. For business purchases, this means the GST can’t be claimed back, which will usually tilt things back in favour of a local retailer.

    I imagine that there is a possibility you might be asked by customs to pay $12 in GST, but your package is hardly likely to demand their attention and you should be okay. Feel free to contact the ATO or Customs if you are unsure.

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