30 days with Ubuntu, Vista and OSX

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Spotted via Slashdot:

HardOCP.com has published “30 days with MacOSX” — with the same author from “30 days with Linux” and “30 days with Vista” doing the evaluation. Ultimately he likes the stability and security but other concerns keep him from recommending it.

Reading the 3 articles you come away with the conclusion that the perfect Operating System hasn’t been invented yet. Even Windows XP SP2, the current standard by which all others are judged, doesn’t make the grade when you consider the advantages the alternatives bring.

If you have a bit of spare time and an interest in what your next computer might look like, please have a read.

30 days with Linux – March 5, 2007 30 days with Windows Vista – April 4, 2007 30 days with Mac OS X – June 5, 2007

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