Rain results

Warragamba Spillway

As anyone who lives in Sydney knows, June was very wet. Actually, probably anyone in coastal NSW would know. Apparently 4 low pressure systems off the coast has never before occurred in the one month and the results are obvious.

The dams have more water in them: SCA total storage – 31 May 2007 37.3% SCA total storage – 5 July 2007 55.6%

Of very local significance only, my bedroom door can close again. Due to the clay underneath our house drying out, many of our door frames appear to have gone out of square, but due to the rain as of a couple of weeks ago my door can close again, rather than jamming. Oh happy day!

Of course it will take a lot more rain to break the drought in Central Australia, but what a great start. It is great that despite the grey skies and cold days we are currently faced with that everyone is happily enduring the rain knowing it is for the benefit of us all.

What good things have you noticed from June/July’s rain so far?

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  1. A few things:

    Our water tank is full to the brim. Unfortunately we have nowhere we can use i because it just keeps raining.

    Lawns are growing again which will be good once the sun comes out and all our thirsty playing fields will be green instead of brown.

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