Special Lager

Fermenting: 04/08/2007 Bottled: 05/09/2007

Wals Lager

Finally started brewing a new beer. This one is made from a can of Wal’s Lager, 1 kg Euroblend, which is 600g light malt extract, 200g dextrose and 200g lactose, and added 24g of Nelson Sauvin hops.

I think when I bought the ingredients I asked for a malty European style lager which wasn’t as bitter as the usual pilsners I make and enjoy. The custodian recommended the ‘Nelson Sauvin’ hops as he had just got them in, special order, from New Zealand. The name come from the region they are grown, near Nelson on New Zealand’s south island, and the Sauvignon Blanc grape vines found in the next field which have influenced the flavour of the hops. They smell delightful and hopefully will make an excellent beer.

Bottling notes: This beer had a fantastic aroma as soon as you opened the lid of the fermentor. It was also a lovely golden/orange colour – closest to a James Squire Golden Ale in colour perhaps. Tasting the (flat) beer while bottling – wow, this looks like being one of the best flavoured beers I have made in a long time. Other than the American Pale Ale wetpak, probably the last one that smelt and tasted this good was the Dry Lager of almost 2 years ago.

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  1. How are those Nelson Sauvin hops treating you? Other websites have had plenty of good things to say about them, but they are generally all grain brewers. How are they as just a late hop addition in a kit?

  2. We’ll have to wait for the official tasting in a couple of weeks to be sure, but the sample I had at bottling time was very impressive. I even chucked a couple on top of the Heritage Lager as dry hops to try and keep that gorgeous aroma.

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